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    Groundwater Barrier Walls

      Providing effective solutions for isolating or controlling groundwater

      Groundwater barrier walls (GBW) and permeable reactive barriers (PRB) are effective waste containment solutions.

      Moore Management have extensive experience designing and constructing barrier walls and we can ensure that you have the correct type of barrier wall in the most efficient location.

      Barrier walls are used to both contain and exclude unwanted soils and liquids and are often used in conjunction with groundwater extraction wells as components of waste containment systems.

      In a remedial design, a GBW is used to restrict the flow of uncontaminated groundwater onto a site and to limit the flow of contaminants on site. They can also provide groundwater control during excavation of waste or contaminated soil.

      Typical construction materials for a GBW include grout, slurry, plastic sheeting and steel piling.

      A Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) is an enhanced GBW. A PRB uses a suitably reactive material to create a vertical permeable wall perpendicularly to the groundwater flow. The contaminated groundwater is treated as it flows through the reactive media. The reactive materials either immobilise or transform (biologically or abiotically) pollutants, so that the treated groundwater down the hydraulic gradient of the PRB does not pose a risk for water resources or other receptors.

      Groundwater Barrier Walls
      Groundwater seeping into tank hole excavation.
      Groundwater Barrier Walls
      Barrier membrane being laid in tank hole excavation.

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