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    Bulk Vehicle Loading Systems

      Optimising fuel loading systems increases operating efficiency

      High flow rates are an essential aspect of efficiently refuelling vehicles ranging from dump trucks and locomotives to jet fighters. Typical diesel pumping and loading systems achieve flow rates from 400 to 2200 litres per minute, while oil and grease systems operate on significantly lower flow rates.

      Today, many companies are switching to – or starting with - fully automated SCADA controlled bulk vehicle loading systems. These are easily incorporated into new or existing refuelling situations at mine sites, locomotive provisioning facilities and at other bulk fuel storage facilities.

      Similar advantages are found by optimising flows and processes for filling storage tanks from road tankers or other bulk transport. Correct and efficient Bridger Point design and construction reduces turnaround time and increases operating efficiency for both suppliers and customers.

      Moore Management can supply and install vehicle loading and unloading solutions to suit your requirements. From mine sites to marine installations, we’ve designed and built Bridger Points and vehicle loading systems in some of the most remote and challenging environments.

      Bulk Vehicle
      Bulk Vehicle
      Fully automated SCADA controlled bulk vehicle leading system.

      Bulk Vehicle
      Bulk Vehicle
      Bulk vehicle loading system at country fuel depots.


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