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    AST and UST Installations

      Experienced tank design and installation can lower capital expenditure and operating costs

      We have extensive experience in designing and installing AST (aboveground storage tanks) and UST (underground storage tanks) systems, often in environmentally sensitive, remote and restricted areas. Our clients have included mining, aviation, marine, industrial and chemical companies.

      Tank sizes can range from 1000 litre day tanks, often installed at emergency generator locations, up to 150,000 litre category 4 and 5 tanks and 2,000,000 litre category 6 vertical tanks.

      AS 1940 describes these tanks in Section 1.4.7

      Tanks as classified in AS 1692 are as follows:

    • Category 1—Tanks of up to 1200 L capacity, for aboveground use, intended principally for the storage of oil fuel in domestic type applications.
    • Category 2—Vertical or horizontal cylindrical tanks of up to 2500 L capacity, for above ground use, intended principally for farms and similar open space locations.
    • Category 3—Rectangular tanks and tanks with unconventional shapes, intended principally for industrial use above-ground as either head tanks or storage tanks.
    • Category 4—Horizontal cylindrical tanks of up to 150,000 L capacity, for underground or above-ground use, intended principally for industrial or service station use.
    • Category 5—Vertical cylindrical tanks of up to 150,000 L capacity, for above-ground use, intended for industrial use.
    • Category 6—Vertical tanks of any capacity, of a size and type that is usually erected on site.
    • Specifying the right tank for the job
      Tank construction materials and ratings include:

      • Single skin
      • Double skin
      • Steel
      • Fibreglass
      • Fire rated
      • Combinations of the above

      Other tank design options include square tanks based on a container module, the original round tank with dished ends, tanks with built in dispensers and portable tanks that can be relocated with a forklift or crane.

      In the mining sector, tanks are used to store a range of oils and lubricants as well as bulk diesel for mine equipment. In the locomotive sector, tanks store the sand at the provisioning facilities, ready to be loaded into the locomotive sand boxes via overhead piping and connected to large volume air tanks.

      Recent advances in technology now enable Class 3 flammable liquids to be stored above ground in specially constructed fireproof tanks, removing the need to excavate and bury the tanks.

      An advantage of above ground tank installations is the ability to conduct visual checks to ensure there in no tank shell corrosion or product leaking into the environment.

      AST's (Aboveground Installations)

      Pre-fabricated, fire proof and concrete encased AST in a marine environment
      Pre fabricated, fire proof & concrete encased AST in a marine environment.

      A simple AST in an industrial location
      A simple AST in an industrial location.

      A history of successful fuel tank design and installation
      We have installed fuel (and lubricant) systems at locations including:

      • RAAF bases
      • Navy bases
      • Army bases
      • Mining sites
      • Airports
      • Locomotive provisioning facilities
      • Power stations
      • Marinas
      • Truck stops

      Quality systems for quality results
      Moore Management’s accredited Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management system provides a seamless transition between disciplines with decision traceability and accountability.

      UST's (Underground Installations)

      Multiple UST installation at a chemical plant
      Multiple UST installation at a chemical plant.
      Single UST installation at a country fuel depot
      Single UST installation at a country fuel depot.


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